Corona Santa Rita Coffee Beans

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Corona Santa Rita Coffee Beans is a specialty blend from Cerrado Minero! Cerrado Minero is a region in Brazil. Our team of experts decided to create a single origin specialty coffee from this unique area.


  • Region: Cerrado Minero, Brazil
  • Net Weight: 500g




Corona Santa Rita Coffee Beans is the perfect aroma to start your day!

Corona Santa Rita Coffee is from Cerrado Minero region which is the first source producing coffee demarcated in Brazil. Our Special blend has a savory flavor with a hint of chocolate; balanced with smooth notes of caramel, nuty, delicately citrus acidity, body moderate to full-bodied and sweet taste at the same time. Our modern packaging materials are capable of conserving the quality of coffee for a time.

Corona Santa Rita Coffee Beans Origin

  • Region: Cerrado Minero, Brazil
  • Altitude: 1300m
  • Process: fully washed
  • Net Weight: 500g